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Mobile MRI Solutions Delivered Right to Your Door

Taking mobile imaging to the next level.. At Managed Imaging, we specialize in the most advanced mobile MRI technologies, working one-on-one with healthcare providers to deliver the perfect rental solution for their imaging needs. If your existing MRI solution goes down, or you need an extended temporary solution due to construction or other situation, let us develop a mobile MRI solution that is customized just for you.

• Our experienced MRI technicians will manage the entire process for you. From the initial project preparation and site planning, to installation and training, we handle every detail and also provide 24/7 customer support once the system has been delivered.

• The mobile MRI systems we rent include top brands in the imaging industry, like Philips, Hitachi, Siemens and Toshiba. Our customized mobile MRI solutions are available for all types of healthcare providers, from large hospitals and community clinics, to private practices.

Why Choose Managed Imaging?

  • The top MRI systems delivered right to your door
  • Get up and running with minimal downtime
  • Flexible for both short and long-term rentals
  • 24/7 support from experienced MRI technicians
  • Complete solutions from installation to removal
  • No hassle delivery and full maintenance services

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